This time we will focus on North and South America. "Small pistols" prepare your ammunition (antennas) ! We will try to give All Time New One to as many stations as possible...

New operation from Nepal is coming soon


Be ready in second half of October 2016. In Nepalese calendar it will be Kartik 2073.... 




















WPX effort awarded







Chengu Narayan after Earthquake

From the village Chengu Narayan, were we stayed during our expedition month before 2015 earthquake:




Begining of QSL Service

Today we received QSL cards from printing and we begin QSL answering. All direct requests received before 24th June 2015 should be mailed until 15th July 2015.





Sad epilogue: 25 days after we left Nepal there was the biggest earthquake since many many years. Thousands of Nepali people died and most of the places we visited were severely damaged or destroyed. We dedicate our activity from Nepal to their memory.



Photo above and more: National Geographic



Amayeur Radio for Nepal earthquake



WPX Contest

We plan to participate in CQ WPX Contest as 3 SOSB stations:


9N7FD - 20m

9N7WE - 15m

9N7CC - 10m


(as Rafal's trx is dead, WE and CC will share the time on TRX :))


You are more than welcome to call us.


PLEASE send your logs to CQ, even if you have only one contact in the contest log.

We need it! Thank you!