This time we will focus on North and South America. "Small pistols" prepare your ammunition (antennas) ! We will try to give All Time New One to as many stations as possible...

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QSL cards

Cards are printed now. Before Christmas we should begin answers to received OQRS or direct cards. Direct and OQRS requests received before 6th December 2016 were answered.









Working QRP








Heard in Asiatic Russia









Mother Nature

Look at right picture and everything is clear:










Our limitations

Our QTH is limited to two roofs about 50 square meters each. This means that 6 antennas for various bands are in very small place. You can only imagine crossmodulation in spite of fact that we are using band filters.


Electricity loadshedding is about 8 hours a day. We use generator but its work make background noise about 2-3 S units higher. That is why sometimes we cannot receive week signals.


High electromagnetic field couses sometimes problems with our computers, radios and amplifiers. Sometimes electronic devices are blocked or reseted. Also we noticed that radiation from 40m vertical causes SWR problems with other amplifiers.

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most wanted DXCCWe are ready for 9N operation but thinking about next challange. Please vote in our poll “Most wanted” to help yourself and us to find new destination for next DXpedition. Here is the link: Most wanted







ATNOTo give a chance to small pistols for All Time New One (ATNO) we do suggest:

1. Do not call many times on the same band. Repeated QSO is waste of time and less chance to other stations to make QSO.

2. Do not give your name, QTH, equipment and weather description. It is waste of time and less chance for others to make QSO.

3. Do not call from Europe when operator suggests certain areas he wishes to work.

4. Do not insist on suggesting operator to QSY to other band or mode. He knows what he is doing and we have our goals.