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Thank you for suggestion Uli. We are not CW specialists but we just try to give a chance those who need CW ATNO.


Hello dear friends... I'm happy you have been able to setup this nice Dxpedtion. I've been pleased to work you already on 3 bands.

But please try to be more active on 80, 40 & 30m bands. Demands is huge on those bands, and it's not easy to work you from western europe.

To finish this comment, let me thanks you to use as I can see you made screenshots from my popular Dxspot view :)

Regards from France & from


Thank you for your message. We will try to be more on 40 and 80m, It is only second day of our operation and our main goal is to give ATNO to as many stations as possible.


Nepal is not easy place for DXpedition. We have regular and unexpected power supply breake, bad band conditions, weather storms, runny nose of operators and all of this during 2 days.


Janusz 9N7WE

Hello, it was nice to work Father Moran as my first QSO from Nepal.


Hope to also work you fellows from Nepal on 80, 40 and 10 Meter SSB.  Will not be easy as propagtion over the polar route on the low bands has been non existant.  Best times for 80 & 40 meters is from 2300-0100 utc and 1130-1300 UTC.  Will be looking for you.  Have a safe and fun trip there.  73's..Skip KE9L

Hello Skip,

Thank you for feedback. Well, we will try to be on 40 and 10m at proper time with antennas in right position but conditions seems to be not so good. Unfortunately there are predictions of power supply breaks - about 14 hours per day. Live is very hard my friend.



I remember article about Father Moran. You can read it on :

Story is very cute, enjoy it.

I wish you nice time in Nepal.

73 and 88 Gita OM5MF


Thank you Gita for link to very nice story about Father Moran. I also met 9N1MM in Godavari in 1985 when I was trekking to Mera Peak and I remember his guest book and  Jesuit Friar who was an American but with Polish roots and he spoke some old style Polish learned from parents. 



Janusz,  congratulation, great... you should have nice memories.... Have nice time there again.