This time we will focus on North and South America. "Small pistols" prepare your ammunition (antennas) ! We will try to give All Time New One to as many stations as possible...

WPX Contest

We plan to participate in CQ WPX Contest as 3 SOSB stations:


9N7FD - 20m

9N7WE - 15m

9N7CC - 10m


(as Rafal's trx is dead, WE and CC will share the time on TRX :))


You are more than welcome to call us.


PLEASE send your logs to CQ, even if you have only one contact in the contest log.

We need it! Thank you!


Rainy day

Today we had very rainy day, big thunder storm was around and we had to switch off the station couple of times, we had to move the generator also from the courtyard to the roof.

The conditions are improving, we have more station from NA and SA in the log. Please keep on calling as, every 5-10 minutes during the opening to the directions we call NA, SA, so be there :). We are trying to monitor dx cluster as well during our cq.



Huston we have a problem

Another day, another challenge. It looks like ft-450's (9N7CC trx)  driver is broken. It max transmits about 25W. We are not able to fix it here. Still we have two more rigs: ic-7200 and ts-480. We will try to use ft450 with PA only. 


We have a new generator, but does not seem to work properly with inverter that is used here (as a backup source of power). We are very interested in what  tomorrow will bring...



So far so bad


- Propogation BAAAAD - K index 5-8 most of the time (look at the right), 
- Power  cuts (14 hours a day),
- Yesterday the generator died, 
- Janusz is having a cold,

- Great people.
- Amazing country,
- Beautiful views,
- Architecture,
- Good food,
- Good beer.
- Nice team :).







Roof of the World

Below you can enjoy photo of famous "Roof of the World" - (thanks Spike)





Severe electromagnetric storm

When K = 8 and we do not hear any stations we charge our batteries